Supported Living

Wings Care supported living services work alongside social landlords and can help individuals find properties and secure a tenancy to suit each person’s individual needs. We have bespoke services that offer single or shared accommodation.

We will work with each person to increase their interests and activities and enable them to grow and develop new interests and enjoy fresh experiences.

We believe that individuals should be at the heart of the planning process for all services and support and the level of support given can be tailored to each person’s needs. The planning and support will be comprehensive in nature dealing with all major aspects of a person’s life, including social, educational, vocational, financial, recreational and leisure activities. Each person regardless of severity of need or impairment, has the capability to grow, learn and develop, and this can be enhanced by ensuring people have access to their community and to mainstream resources.


We will take time to understand the daily routine of each person and maintain their dignity and privacy at all times. This will include cultural needs and beliefs, personal care, activities, leisure interests and domestic tasks.

Health Management

We will work with each person to help them identify any health needs they may have and assist them to manage these needs e.g. supporting them to attend any health care and dental appointments, manage any medication and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Supporting Behavioural Needs

We will work with existing management strategies and develop support plans and risk assessment’s for behavioural needs and community inclusion, these will be regularly reviewed. Staff will support each person to live their life how they wish to and enable them to have access to the community, whilst safely managing any challenging behaviour they may have.

Choice and Decision Making

The care package in place for each person will be determined by their needs and wishes. They will be be fully involved in all aspects of their life and the choices and decisions that need to be made. We will always encourage each person to take ownership for their own development.


Our staff will always put the person at the centre of care, providing a complete care package tailored to their precise needs. We will provide the correct and necessary level of staffing for each individual based on the report from the referral agency and the care needs assessment undertaken by the Wings Care staff team.

Staff Skill Requirement

All of our staff have received training to meet the mandatory requirements for domiciliary care set by the Care Quality Commission.

Activities, Employment and Education

We will provide assistance and support with activities which may include providing transport, assisting on public transport, help with paperwork or banking and support with GP visits. This support leads to greater independence and increased confidence.

Social and Leisure Interests

Each person will be offered a full programme of activities based on his or her interests and needs e.g. swimming, cinema, art and crafts, horse riding, gardening, day trips out, computer skills and games, cooking and developing ‘life skills’.